Places to visit in Sri Lanka

The UNESCO declared Eight sites of Sri Lanka as UNESCO World Heritage sites. These include 6 cultural and 2 natural sites. Ancient city of Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya Rock Fortress , Golden Rock Temple of Dambulla, Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications, Sacred city of Anuradhapura, The hill Capital and Last Royal Capital City of Kandy.

Nature Places for visit in Sri Lanka
is rich with 26 declared National Parks which together cover an area of 5734 km2 (2,214 sq mi) administered by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. National Parks are allowed for public to see and study wildlife. Most of the national parks not allowed trekking and only for jeep safari or boat rides for means of transport for your visit.

Sri Lanka is a relatively small country. But there are over 300 mentionable waterfalls in Sri Lanka in the central highland and Knuckles Mountain Range UNESCO world heritage sites.

Sri Lanka nick named as tear drop island at the Indian Ocean is with full of natural wonders in Sri Lanka. From huge rocks in the middle of forests to herds of wild elephants and rolling hills, fascinating waterfalls, Sri Lanka has plenty to offer the nature lover.

One reason to be named Sri Lanka as the Wonder of Asia is the mist covered or blue sky mountains of central highland, Knuckles Range and isolated around the island.

Department of Wildlife Conservation, Department of forest conservation, Central environment Authority and Department of coast conservation are some of the government institutions responsible for to protect the nature and environment and fauna and flora of Sri Lanka.

There are many man made lakes, natural lakes, reservoirs in Sri Lanka. The huge reservoirs constructed recently for different purposes under the development programs.

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Cultural Places for visit

History of Sri Lanka could be divided to Prehistory, Rearguard period, Anuradhapura period, Polonnaruwa period, Transitional period, Crisis of the Sixteenth Century, Kandyan period, Colonial Sri Lanka and modern history.

The ancient heritage of Sri Lanka may consider from Pre history to transitional period of kingdoms.

The modern buddhist heritages in Sri Lanka from 1948 independence to today. Many Buddhist temples and Buddha statues constructed in the cities.

Atamasthanaya or 8 most sacred places in Sri Lanka are the most prestigious Buddhist sites located in ancient Maha Mewna Uyana ancient garden in Anuaradapuraya. Those places are the places where Lord Buddha visited during his three visits to Sri Lanka.

Solosmasthana or 16 most sacred places in Sri Lanka, believed by Buddhists to have been visited these places in three occasions by Lord Gautama Buddha. These places of worship are among the most important religious locations in Sri Lanka and not like Atamasthana in Anuaradapuraya, Solosmasthana are located throughout the country.

The Kandyan kingdom and its rich socio cultural heritage inaugurated on the foundation laid in 1476 by king Senasammatha Wikramabahu. It lasted for more than 400 years before falling in to the hands of British in 1815.

There are many forts and fortress in Sri Lanka with cities built by Sinhalese kings, Portuguese, Dutch and British rulers. In the colonial era 25 also lighthouses being built in aid of marine navigation has its own lighthouse as well

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