Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

The mountainous situation and high rainfall of the central highland and Knuckles Range UNESCO world heritage site makes very panoramic views of waterfalls. The highest among them is Bambarakanda (241 M) Waterfall at Haldummulla. It is in lower horton plains.

The fashionable Diyaluma Falls is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the 361 st highest waterfall in the world with the hight of 220 m or 720 ft.

Ramboda Waterfalls
situated on the way to Nuwara Eliya surrounded with endless tea Plantations from Kandy at well known Ramboda Pass.

Rathna the Widest Waterfall of Sri Lanka is in Kandy district at Hasalaka. Its hight around 111 M and 14 th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, around 100 M in wide. It is very important to the villagers in the area to supply water to their irrigation works in paddy cultivation.

The Baker's Waterfall in Horton Plains National Park is the highly located waterfall in Sri Lanka. Many people say Bake r's Waterfall is the most lovely waterfall in the island.

The Sitakotuwa Waterfall at the Gurulupota in Hasalaka is phenomenal because the water has limestone mixture. So any hard suff fallen to water make marvellous limstone rock formations.

Laxapana Water Fall near Maskeliya is one of the most fascinating water falls in Sri Lanka. Laxapana hydropower Project in 1950 the first hydro power plant in Sri Lanka was started with a capacity of 25MW.

The Kota Ganga Ella Falls, Kota Ganga Ella Seven Cascade of Knuckles Massif is situated in Kandy District deep inside the jungle trail only to be reach there by an adventure of trekking.

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