Heritages of Kandyan Kingdom

The Kandyan kingdom founded in 1476 and lasted for more than 400 years before falling in to the hands of British in 1815. The kindom left very rich socio cultural heritage for the people of Sri Lanka.

the sacred temple of the tooth and the city of Kandy also called Maha Nuwara mean Great City was the Kandyan Royal capital. It was declared as a cultural world heritage site by UNESCO 1988.

Aristocratic Kandyan families lived in magnificent manor houses called Walawwa. It is said that there were 18 Walawwa’s within the city of Kandy during the period of last king, Sri Wickrama Rajasinhe in 1798 to 1815 and village chiftans had their Walawwa in rural.
The Kandyan home garden system is unique concept still practice in the villages in central region of Sri lanka. Generally Kandyans practice own home gardening in a small piece of land which is close to their family with self-sufficiency.

Most of the Kandyan people has their own piece of terrace rice fields other than Kandyan home garden. The narrow valleys of small rivers and streams were used to make the rice terraces. Small man made lake above the fields also used to irrigation but main way of cultivation by using rain water of both monsoons, south west and north east.

Kohomba Kankariya is a traditional Kandyan religious performance
. The Kohomba Kankariya used to be a night long ceremony in honour of the deity named Kohomba. It is an elaborate, spectacular, ritual of music, dance and invocation presented in a somewhat disjointed array of segments or episodes.

Rajamaha Vihara or Royal Temples and Purana or Historical Temples are the Buddhist ancient temples in Sri Laka. Most of them were renovated in the Kandy kings periods with marvelous painting of folk arts of Kandy, wood carving, brasswere.

Connecting the road to Kandy from Badulla over Uma Oya to Royal Cave Temple by Bogoda Wooden Bridge built in the period of Kandyan kingdom which is one of the fascinating part of Sri Lanka s history

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