Natural Wonders of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka nick named as teardrop island at the Indian ocean is with full of natural wonders. From huge rocks in the middle of forests, to herds of wild elephants and rolling hills, fascinating waterfalls. Sri Lanka has plenty to offer the nature lover. The wide range of ecosystems too. There are coastal beaches, arid zone and rainforests. There are foggy hills and mountain ranges of world heritage sites by UNESCO. There are man made and natural lakes big and small, and also tons of tea plantations. Come and visit the natural wonders of Sri Lanka.

The Hummanaya or blowhole at kudawella is a wonderful, rare geological formation of nature situated at the southern coast village in Sri Lanka named Kudawella. The Kudawella village name means small beach.

Most of the hot springs in Sri Lanka situated in a line from Hambanthota to Trincomale between so called Highland complex and Vijayan complex of earth crust. All the hot springs are suitable for bathing with a bucket out of Wahawa hot water tube well which water fall on to head continuously from height about 12 feet.

Jathika Na Mal Uyana the largest Na or Ceylon Iron Wood Tree forest is in Sri Lanka. Its with the pink quartz mountain is also the largest in Asia. This unique place is oriented with a variety of important values such as historical, geographical, artistic and blessed with abundant natural resources.

Caving and Pot Holing in Sri Lanka is not a famous activity at the moment. But the island has large number of caves which unexplored and unmapped. Caves here can be categorize as rock shelters and limestone caves with pot holes.

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