Raja Maha Vihara and Purana Vihara Buddhist Temples

Rajamaha Vihara or Royal Temples and Purana or Historical Temples are the Buddhist ancient temples in Sri Lanka. Most of them were renovated in the Kandy kings period with marvelous painting of folk arts of Kandy, wood carving, brass were.

Devanagala Raja Maha Viharaya
is an ancient temple in the Mawanella of the Kegalle District about 5km from Mawanella town towards Hemmathagama. The Temple is believed to be built during the era of King Parakramabahu the Great in 1153 to 1186.

Gadaladeniya, Lankathilake and Ambakke Royal Temples situated in the west of Kandy. Those are belong to the pre Kandyan kingdom of Gampola in 14th century A.D. These were much influenced from Hindu architecture.

Gangaramaya, Galmaduwa and Degaldoruwa are the colorful 3 eastern temples of east of Kandy belong to Kandyan kings period with cave architecture, marvelous painting, wood carving and Buddha status

The ancient royal temple of Kolugala or Kolugala Rajamaha Viharaya created in a natural rock cave. People believed this temple have been built in the period of king Walagambahu in the 1st century BC.

The route that goes down near the Kadugannwa Ambalama on Colombo to Kandy highway in order to behold the ancient cave temple known by the name Mawela Walagamba Len Viharaya

Sankapala Rajamaha Viharaya or Sankapala Royal Temple built in the period of king Dutugamunu 137 BC and situated in Pallebedda in Rathnapura district

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