Mawela Walagamba Rajamaha Viharaya

The route that goes down near the Kadugannwa Ambalama on Colombo to Kandy highway in order to behold the ancient cave temple known by the name Mawela Walagamba Len Viharaya. This temple stands in a beautiful atmosphere which adds extra value to the temple premises. The history of this temple dates back to 103 BCE when king Walagamba found refuge here to remain hidden from Indian invaders who settled in Anuradhapura in four months from his accession.

It is said that the Mawela temple and the adjoining caves were intended to house the meditating monks. The temple grounds consist of five caves of which two of them have fallen in to deterioration. The condition in which the temple currently finds itself should be made known to the people who understand the archeological value of this temple which was built on the basis of a cave.

The devotees can now have easy access to the temple as the road from the kadugannawa main road which leads to the temple has been repaired with concrete. The temple provides a great view of several areas one of which is the Bathalegala Mountain which must have consoled the minds of those meditating monks who resided here in the past.

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