Sankapala Royal Temple

Sankapala Rajamaha Viharaya or Sankapala Royal Temple built in the period of king Dutugamunu 137 BC and situated in Pallebedda in Rathnapura district. One of the militory leader of the king giant Pussa Deva (out of the 10 giants In king Dutugemunu's Army) rewarded this village for his service to the King. After several years Pussadeva constructed the temple and became a monk here.

The temple includes a Sathsathi Vihara Mandira which has two Buddha statues in sitting posture and an ancient Buddha statue in standing posture, paintings on walls with indigenous materials of the Viharaya belong to Kandian era.

Other than Sathsathi vihara mandiraya there is another shrine room in the middle of the temple, which is called 'Maha Viharaya' shrine room consists of several Buddha statues as well as two statues of God Katharagama and God Vishnu.

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