Kohoma Yak Kankariya traditional cultural pagent

Kohomba Kankariya is a traditional Kandyan religious performance. The Kohomba Kankariya used to be a night-long ceremony in honour of the deity Kohomba.It is an elaborate, spectacular, ritual of music, dance and invocation, presented in a ‘somewhat disjointed’ array of segments or episodes.

The ritual is always carried out exactly as prescribed. The participants take it very seriously and observe the ritual sanctions. The Kankariya is primarily for the god Kohomba, for the Kohomba thun kattiya, Alut kohomba, Parana kohomba and Maha kohomba. It is also for eleven other gods, including Pattini, Weeramunda, Irugal Bandara, Kalu Kumara and Kande Bandara.

It is a stylized dance requiring about 50 male dancers dressed with silver belts and beaded breastplates, and with anklets and headdresses. They swirl and skip to the rhythm of drums to express their devotion to their god in worshipful obeisance. If you have an idea to visit this rere live overnight show of Kohomba Kankariya please inform us few months before. There are Kohomba devales in Galewela and Talgahagoda today.

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