Lamasuriyagama Royal Terrace Rice Fields Trekking and Camping

Lamasuriyagama Royal Terrace Rice Field is situated in the Nuwaraelliya district close to Kandy district border in Hanguranketha division. It was early belong to Royal Court of Kandy. Now divided to hundreds of farmers. Kandy to Badulla highway is running, overlooking this fantastic scenery.

One of the boundary of the rice field is Victoria - Randenigala - Rantambe sanctuary. So the rice field has threat from wild elephants from the jungle close by. So the farmers protecting their crops from hundreds of watch huts visible from everywhere. One of the river flow to Randenigala reservoir, call Beli Ull Oya (not famous Beli Hul Oya from Horton Plains) flowing through the rice fields. It became a additional scenery to here.

This is the longest terrace rice field scenery in Sri Lanka and most important for the photographers, no electricity wires around so can make a best photograph ever. Trekking in the royal terrace rice field is a truly authentic experience in Sri Lanka. The farmers here very co-operative and working together like in ancient past.

You also can feel you are in hundreds year past experiencing traditional, by- heart Kandyan hospitality. It also has a opportunity to camping in a harvesting ground also. Royal rice field has the opportunity for full day trekking, ending the other corner is a waterfall with many bird lifes with endemic birds of Sri Lanka. This is another introduction to tourism from Sri Lanka trekking.

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