Bakers Waterfall At Horton Plains National Park

Bakers Waterfall located in Horton's Plains National Park as part of the 9.5km trek that also takes in World's End, Baker's falls offers a contrast in scenery in your journy. You may hear the waterfalls before you see them. To view Baker's Falls requires descending about 50 steep steps to reach the viewing areas.

Near the waterfall you have an option of sitting down in the shade for a while and if you are adventurous enough you could get close to the water and splash around for a while.
Lots of Rhododendron, tree fern trees can be seen in the surrounding area which makes this area very picturesque.

The small and placid waterfall is only 20 metres in height. It was named after Sir Samuel Baker (1821-1893) the British colonial officer, engineer, writer and abolitionist, big game hunter, naturalist, explorer. Sadly, Sir Samuel Baker was one of the British colonialists that was responsible for exterminating the elephants that inhabited this upper hiland in Sri Lanka.

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