Historical city and Mahiyanganaya Valley

Great views of mist covered mountains of central highland and Knuckles Range, drizzled with sparkling silver streams and lavish greenery plus a zig zag 18 hair pin bent most picturesque hilly A 26 highway down to the city of Mahiyanganaya is a memory for lifetime.

Mahiyangana Ancient Buddhist Temple by the river Mahaweli which located 1km south of the city center. Accoding to ancient records Load Buddha Mahiyanganaya once.

Mahiyanganaya glowing white Stupa sits over a gigantic platform was one of the first ever built in Sri Lankan history which renovated by King Dutugamunu and other several kings.
Vadda the aborigine people villages is one of the highlight in Mahiyanganaya Valley. They have their own culture bond with nature. Many legends are connected to their history. That most of the legends says their relationship with the prehistoic human was in the island. Most probably they are descendents from them.

Sorabora Lake Paradise is an ancient man made irrigation work in Mahiyanganaya. Believed to have been built by King Dutugemunu's betel supplier named Bulata the giant while king was war against Indian invader Elara. King Dutugamunus camp was in Mahiyanganaya.

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