Vadda (Vanniyala Eththo) village

Vadha people is the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. They have their own culture. Many legends are connected to their history. That most of the legends says their relationship with the prehistoric human was in the island. Most probably they are descendents from them.

The village Dambana is situated in Mahiyanganaya in Badulla district. In 1970 started the largest, Mahawali river development program. Under that program the Maduru Oya reservoir was built here and the forest around the reservoir was declared as Maduru Oya National Park.

The Dambana village also in the park boundary. Government requested them to remove from their lands. But their traditional leader Thisahami refused and protest against government and won their homeland again. But hunting in the jungle is prohibited for them. So they live by farming and helping local and foreign tourists. This village in the jungle is very good for camping.

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