Wilpaththu National Park

There are many reasons to visit the Wilpattu National Park except for the obvious wildlife attractions but historical and natural attractions like Kuveni's palace, ancient coral reef, black and copper colored sand, Pomparripu archaeological site etc.

Wilpattu National park is about 26 Km towards the east of Puttlam town. It stretches to about 131000 hectares orapproximately 1,908 sq.km of excellent wilderness dotted with more than 40 natural lakes called Willu out of which 10 are the major ones, thus giving the park its name Wilpattu.

The flora and fauna are amazing to the visitors and the one can see leopards, spotted deer, barking deer, wid boar, wild buffalos. Among birds there are the black winged stilt, woolly necked ibis, open bill storks, egrets, herons, cormorants, teals, pea fowl, Jungle Fowl, green pigeons, blue and black magpies, brahmini kites, hawks, eagles, ospreys so on and on and a variety of exotic butterflies.

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