Vadda Village mobile camping

Camping wtih Vadda the aborigine people's village is a memorable experience. This village named as Dabana is in the east the city of Mahiyangana on the Padiyathalawa Road.
Below could be the routine of the camping

Day 01

  • Arrive Vadda Village
  • Walk in the mountains to see caves with Veddhas
  • Visit a Veddha dwellings
  • Take a bush walk in the jungle with Veddhas.
  • Veddha will demonstrate their Hunting methods
  • BBQ dinner amidst roaring camp fire
  • Tented accommodation in Veddha Village
  • Vaddhas will demonstrate their own traditional dancing around bonfire

    Day 02

  • Breakfast at the camp
  • Trekking or jeep safari could be arrange in Maduru Oya National Park

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