Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe national park which is situated on the boundaries of Sabaragamuwa and Uva provinces also boundary of the wet and dry zones in Sri Lanka with the land extends up to 308.2 km.

There is a large wild elephant population probebly around 250 being permanently resident could be sightings during a safari here. Other than elephants water buffalo, wildboar, spotted deer, sambur deer, jackal, samber, black-naped hare, mongooses, bandicoots, foxess, the endemic toque macaque and gray langers. Sighting a Leopard and other smaller cats like Fishing cat Jungle cat would be a bonus.

The park was established after the damming of the Walawe River to create Udawalawe reservoir. The surrounding marsh and wetlands attract endemic and migratory birds, from wading ibis and egrets to dainty green bee eaters and an occasional kingfishers recorded. Also 94 plant species, 21 fish, 12 amphibians, 33 reptiles, 184 birds with 33 migratory birds, 43 mammals in addition to 135 species of butterflies.

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