Trekking in Sri Lanka

Trekking, hiking, tramping, bush walking or walking in general is an unlimited and exciting way to explore Nature and Culture in Sri Lanka. Specially is in the central highland and some parts of the surrounding lowland of sri Lanka.

The Kandy district has large number of known treks. Within the Kandy city, the short walks, Asgiri Maha Viharaya via Bahirawakanda hill is an interesting. Udawattakelle Forest Reserve is situated within Kandy city limit, gives valuable walking in nature.

The other forest reserve in other side of the kandy city has named as Walkers Forest. Enter to upper Hantane trek under special permission from the Municipal Council of Kandy. The famous Western Shrines of Kandy Gadaladeniya, Lankathilake temples and Embakke shrine are connected by a very scenic footpath.

Other part of the west of Kandy, a part of Portuguese War Route, via Ihalakotte railway station to Dodanwala Devale shrine is passing forest reserves, Alagalle Mountain, tea estates and kandyan traditional villages. East of Kandy city the temples Gangaramaya, Galmaduwa, Degaldoruwa temple are well known for paintings, sculptures and architectural techniques.

Knuckles Mountain Range and its forest trails are the most suitable for trekking and mountaineering in Sri Lanka. It has many nature trails cleared trough the forest by forest department with campsites. For example Mini worlds end trails in the west and east, Pitawala pathena trail, Ash cave trail, Nitre cave trail, Knuckles summit trail are very exciting. Also there are interconnected footpaths of cardamom planters, toddy tapers, tea plantation workers, farmers and villages.

Traditional villages of the Knuckles foothills with so much of treks and short walks such as Last King of Kandy, Sri Wikrama Rajasinhes (1798-1815) hideout place, Rathna Waterfall Trek, Sitakotuwa limestone cave and Garandi Ella waterfall trek etc. Exploring on Water Falls in Sri Lanka and pre historical places, caves and pot holes in Sri Lanka within thick jungles and leading foot paths making trekking possibility.

South of Kandy the longest rice field scenery of the island, Lamasuriyagama Royal Rice Field was belonging to royal court of Kandy a very spectacular trek. It is undisturbed from electricity wires for photographs and with terrace rice fields by a Loggaloya river with watch huts of farmers. Loggaloya riverine forest trail to Victoria-Randenigala-Rantambe sanctuary is also a very interesting trekking. Withing tea plantations so many interesting tea trails for walking.

Horton Plains in Nuwaraelliya district is the only national park to walk. It has three main allowed treks. First and main one is the 8 K. M worlds end-Bakers falls trek. The second highest point in the island Kirigalpotta (2398 M) mountain, third highest Thotupola kanda (2357 M) mountain treks are available for visitors. Around Horton plain Devils Path Trek in lower worlds end is a good experience.

Adams Peak or Samanala Kanda is the fourth highest peak of Sri Lanka and walking up to the summit from Delhausi is traditional. Delhausi and around has much trekking possibilities. The short walk to Laxapana waterfall, surrounded tea plantations, up to Fishing Hut is for example.

The pilgrim path lead to Rathnapura or Kuruwita from the summit is an extra value treks.
While you are traveling in ancient cities of Anuradapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya you can do some hiking and walking in Pidurangala Rock near Sigiriya, trekking in Ritigala Hills, Hiking in Jathika Na Mal Uyana of Pink Quartz Mountain Visiting Mihintale hills with very special sites.

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