Sorabora Lake Paradise

Sorabora Lake is an ancient man made irrigation work. Believed to have been built by King Dutugemunu's betel supplier named Bulata the giant. While king is in war against Indian invaders camped in Mahiyangana.

Bulata supplies beetle to the campsite. Daily he passes this narrow waterway and keeping stones and soil connecting the banks. Several years later end the war and finish the dam of the lake as well. The sluice gate, which is an ingenious engineering example, has been built on a natural rock, using the skill and knowledge in ancient times. This is the only such sluice gate found in Sri Lanka. This sluice gate constructed around 162 BC is still in use.

Around the lake there are many fishing villages are situated. The rice farming and fishing is the main income of the people. Tourism is a growing industry in sorabora village. There are some tourist guest houses in close proximity. The canoe camping is on a boats platform, a new experience in this lake. Fishing in the lake is enjoyable.

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