Sorabora Lake Camp Site of Sri Lanka Trekking

Sorabora Lake is around 2 K.M away from well known historical eastern capital Mahiyanganaya town. Its a historical beautiful lake paradise. This huge tank was made as a one man work of anciant person named as Bulatha the Giant. You can spot beautiful birds with the far view of the beautiful Knuckles mountain range.

You will be transported to the camp site on a safe Platform Boat riding with beautiful Birds around. You will see many Water Monitor Lizards swimming really close to you. Stay overnight in elevated tented campsite by the lake bed or request on a boat platform. You will be served also with barbequed fresh fish for dinner

Following day early in the morning get up for bird watching and sunrise watch over the lake is a spectaculer and may be the best place for it in Sri Lanka. You may could see elephants on the other side or swimming in the lake.

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