Saptha Kannya or Seven Virgin Mountain Range

The Seven Virgins (Saptha Kanya) is a untouched and unspoiled Mountain Range in Central Highland of Sri Lanka. The sight from the way to Adams Peak alone may not enough and its a place to explore. Anyone who appreciates beauty of the legendary kind, It looks like Seven Virgins are the true keepers of nature at its most splendour.

The Seven Virgin Mountain became world famous after the plane Martin Air Flight at night crashed into its massif in 1974 and 191 people never walked free from such a place of rugged beauty. There is a tombstone marked at the foot of the Seven Virgins.

The enticing beauty of Seven Virgins can be seen in each of their pristine peaks as one can be as contrasting from the other although they all stand collectively like nothing more evergreen.

Many travellers, trekkers talk abut Knuckles Mountain Range as probably the best and most scenic mountain in the country, but Seven Virgins will never cry out to be on the top shelf. That tragedy may also be gradually moving away into the where-are-they-now files and if it does not, it could only show how inseparable that even beauty and the beast could be. Explore!

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