Riveston or Northern Part of Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range could be divided to Riveston (Northern Part of Knuckles Massif) belong to Matale District and Deenston (South Eastern part of Knuckles Massif) of the Kandy District. Both the sections has separate forest department offices which issue tickts to visiters.

The Knukles Mountain Range along with Riverston is truly an amazing place worth visiting any time of the year for trekking, hiking, waling, bird watching, mountain biking. Knuckles Massif located in the central highland which nourishes many rivers in Sri Lanka through water streams from it.

On the way to riveston from Matale the first place of visit is beautiful waterfall called as Bambarakiri Ella. Its few meters away from the main road with a Suspension bridge over the waterfall to watch it.

Next stop will be VHF transmisson tower of Riverston. Some time of the year the whole area was full of mist. By following a rough road for walking you could arrive the well-known Riverston Peak. The tower is at the top of.

Pitawala Patana of Knuckles Range in riveston part is very high in Bio-diversity, especially the Nanopirus Maximata (a highly endangered frog) can been seen in little water streams only in Riverston, Sri Lanka. That frog is only found here in the world. Other than pitawala pathana different nature trails are there that you can select based on your physical strength & interest.

There are several routes to reachs to Sera Ella from Pitawala Pathana. Sera Ella formed by the water of one of the stream call Kitul Canal which runs down joins Thelegam River to create the waterfall at its point of joining. The magnificient view of the waterfall separates into two sections as it falls down the rockface, both falling down a height of around 10m and which is visible from Jungle.

One of the best trekking starting from Riverstone part via Meemure to Denston or you could end in corbets gap, Thangappuwa, Rangala, Gomera estate, Hagalla estate, Huluganga, Madulkelle, Kallebokka estate, Kabaragala. Every location you get beautiful views through, natural forests, tea estates and villages in sevaral days.

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