Randenigala Rantembe Reservoirs

The Randenigala and Rantambe reservoirs are situated within the Victoria Randenigala Rantembe sanctuary nestled between the Knuckles range and the Central Higland of Sri Lanka.

The Randenigala Reservoir is the largest reservoir of Sri Lanka under the Accelerated Mahaweli Development Programme with the largest storage capacity having gross storage of 860 million cubic metre. The project generate about 525 GWh of electrical energy.

The Rentembe dam and power station from the most downstream project of a cascade of reservoirs of river Mahaweli. The Rantambe power station on the left bank having two turbine generator units of total installed capacity of 52 MW. The construction work of the project was started in January 1987 and started operation on 10th March and 10th April 1990.

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