Pygmy Forest in Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range has types of forest types could be recognize as Lowland Dry Semi Evergreen Forests, Mid Elevational Dry Evergreen forest, Mid Elevational Wet Evergreen Forests or Pygmy Forests, Upper Montane Wet Evergreen Forests or Cloud forsts. This all types of forest systems are bearing very valuble flora of Knuckles Mountain and founa of Knuckles Mountain Range.

Mid elevational wet evergreen forest or Pygmy forest of Knuckles Range occur in between the lowland and montane zone, i.e. between 1000m- 1500m altitude essentially transitional being intermediate between rain forests and montane forests. Those are also are rich in species composition .The endemism is about 50%. The dominant trees are Dun, Keena (Callophyllum sp), (Sysygium spp)Malaboda.

Mid elevational wet evergreen forest or pygmy forest has two storied but very not rich in vegetation types.  Epiphytic mosses and filmy ferns which are commonly found Here.

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