Pre History of Sri Lanka

The Prehistory of Sri Lanka dates back to about 125,000 Before Present (BP) possibly even as early as 500,000 (BP) and covers the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and early Iron ages until the ancient history of Sri Lanka. Findings at Iranamadu in the North indicate that there were Paleolithic people in Sri Lanka as early as 300,000 BP. There is definite evidence of settlements by prehistoric peoples in Sri Lanka by about 125,000 BP. These people made tools of quartz which are assignable to the Middle Paleolithic period.

The Mesolithic period remaining were discovered from Balangoda prior to 34,000 BP belong to the Balangoda man. They have been identified as a group of 'hunter gatherers' who lived in caves. Another cave named Fa Hien Cave gives the earliest evidence ( 34,000 BP) of anatomically modern man in Asia.

From Batadombalena Cave found many artifacts that points to them being the first modern inhabitants of Sri Lanka. There is evidence from Beli-lena indicate they brought salt from the coast earlier than 27,000 BP.

It is suspected that Wanniyala-Aetto or Veddas, who still live in the Central, Uva and North-Eastern parts of Sri Lanka may be descendants of the Balangoda Man. You can visit pre historically important caves in Sri Lanka, pre historic cemeteries in Sri Lanka, pre historic paintings in Sri Lanka and even participate pre historic excavation also in Sri Lanka.

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