Nelligala Buddhist Temple Yatinuwara

The Nelligala Modern Buddhist temple which is located altitude of 700 meters on the top Nelligala Mountain in Muruthalawa at Yatinuwara at the 11km west of Kandy city. 360 view which depicts the wonder of surrounding area and a hidden gem with a Relic of the Loard Buddha at the temple. The best time to visit this temple is either the morning or the evening since you may witness the epic sceneries.

Panoramic mountain atmosphere also brings tranquility, peace to devotees and very scenic view even Siripada or Adams Peak far visible on a clear day. Hanthana Mountain Range, Knuckles Massif, Alagalla Mountain with Stupa, Mundagiriya Mountain with top of the temple, Hunnas Mount and Pidurutalaga the highest mountain in Sri Lanka are also visible.

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