Mihintale Kaludiya Pokuna

Kaludiya Pokuna is also one of the famous ponds below Mihintale old monastery and the water would have been used by the monks for fulfilling the water needs. Most experts believe that Kaludiya pokuna may probably be the ancient Porodini Pokuna mentioned in the tablets of king Mahinda the IVth inscreption at Minintale. Kalu Diya Pokuna is a beautiful gift to anybody wanting to have a nice relaxing place to relieve the working stress and fatigue of present day life.

The Kalu Diya Pokuna is derived from the fact that the water in the pond appears to be black in colour. Sinhala word Kalu which means black and Diya means water and Pokuna means Pond. The dark water which adds to the mysterious atmosphere of the place.Take a few minutes to just sit under a shade and just take in the stillness and beauty of nature from the opposite side of the entrance.

A cave dwelling found in a slight depression in the vicinity is noteworthy. Tucked so cozily under a massive overhanging of a rock boulder, smooth granite slabs and bricks are blended together to form the enclosing walls there instead of the usual brick and mortar. Some scholars believe this would have been a the bathing house attached to a bathing pokuna in front, now silted up.

The surroundings are tranquil and exude a sense of history and heritage. It is believed that on new moon day Kalu Buddha Rakkhita Thera sat under the Thimbiriya tree, close to the Kaludiya Pokuna, preached on sermon based on Kalakarama Sutta.
Access to Kaludiya Pokuna ancient site is possible from the Kandy main road, almost directly opposite the entrance to the Rajagiri kanda caves of Minintale.

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