Kothmale Mahaweli Reservoir

The breathtaking view of Kotmale Dam is a really beautiful with the mountain range behind. Unlike most of the other dams in Sri Lanka Kotmale Dam is a 600m linear dam. The second largest power station of Sri Lanka with the capacity of 201 MW. Walk along the dam to the other end, you feel the beauty in full and Kotmale Mahaweli Maha Seya pagoda also as seen little far.

The Kothmale reservoir and dam view point has a small museum with photographs of the construction, a miniature layout of the hydro dam and details of the project. Surprisingly, the construction was completed earlier than the expected date, so that opening was moving forward by a few months.

The construction of the dam began in August 1979 under the accelerated Mahaweli Development Program and the Kothmale reservoir was ceremonially completed in February 1985.

The other places to visit in Kothmale near the reservoir are well known Dehadu Kadulla the ancient gate of Kotmale, Ranamune Pihilla the water spring used by prince Gemunu for bath, Morape Dewalaya shrine, Pusulpitiya Temple, Peacock Hill and Ulapane False Bridge.

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