Galmaduwa, Gangaramaya, Degaldoruwa

The remote eastern Shrines of Kandy Galmaduwa, Gangaramaya, Degaldoruwa were built in Kandy kings period. Gangaramaya temple which belong to Malwaththa chapter of Siamese sector which situated near Lewalla bridge.

A rock inscription in this temple describes the Building of the temple by the King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe (1747 - 1781). The paintings in the temple depicts scenes of Buddha in this birth and of Jataka Stories, the past life's. Even today they are valued as excellent examples Kandyan Sittara (folk) Art. The decorated eave tiles with the lion symbol, the high roof structure and above all the large standing figure of the Buddha 27 feet height surrounded by walls of paintings, speak for the artistic and religious of the Kings of that day.

The unfinished Galmaduwa viharaya is an impressive building of strange architecture built by King Kirthi Sri Rajasinhe. As its local name suggests, it is basically a pavilion built of stone and brick. But a high gopuram gives it a Hindu identity. There is an ad mixture of Tamil-Hindu influence within the Buddhist place of worship. Sure, without any influence of Islam it has a bit apprence of a mosques in the upper part of the building. Degaldoruwa Vihraya was built by King Keerthi Sri Rajasingha of Kandy in mid 17th century (1747-1782 A.D).

The Work of the temple was completed by King Rajadhi Rajasingha (1782-1798 A.D.). Degaldoruwa is famous for its fine wall paintings of Kandian style. They are the best paintings found in Kandy other than Gangaramya. The wall paintings at Degaldoruwa differ from many of other Kandian style paintings, The colors, dresses of the people are different and unique.

Mainly four Jataka stories of Bodisathwa has been painted in Degaldoruwa. Wessanthara, Saththu Baththa Maha Seelava and Suthasoma are the four Jataka stories. The Mara War painted in the Degaldoruwa Vihara is recognized as one of the greatest place for wall paintings in Sri Lanka. This a masterpieces of traditional painting styles of Sri Lanka. The paintings in Degaldoruwa has been drawn by Dewaragampola Silwath thena a Buddhist Monk.
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