Flora of Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain range covers less than 0.5% of Sri Lankan vegitation but it give life for almost one third of Sri Lankan flowering plant species. Approximately 1033 flowering plant species belonging to 141 families recorded within the Knuckles Mountain range. Around 160 species of them are considered to be endemic and 12 species are exotic while 11 species are nationally threatened.

As recognised by the forest system here, Lowland Dry Semi Evergreen Forest consists layers of canopy, sub canopy and ground layer. Giant woody lianas also an important structural element of this type of forests.

Mid Elevational Wet Evergreen Forest has two storied of canopy but not rich in vegetation. Majority of evergreen tree species found in Mid Elevational Dry Evergreen Forest and epiphytic orchids, ferns are commonly found in this type of forest systems.

It has single storied canopy and a ground layer but Epiphytic mosses,Epiphytic orchids, ferns, mosses and leafy liverwortsilmy, ferns which are commonly found in Montane Wet Evergreen Forests or Cloud Forests in Knuckles Mountain Range.

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