Mid Elevational Dry Evergreen Forest

Knuckles Mountain Range has forest systems as Lowland Dry Semi Evergreen Forests, Mid Elevational Dry Evergreen Forest, Mid Elevational Wet Evergreen Forests or Pygmy Forests, Upper Montane Wet Evergreen Forests or Cloud Forsts. This all forest systems bearing very valuble flora of Knuckles Mountain and founa of Knuckles Mountain Range.

The natural vegetation type of Mid Elevational Dry Evergreen Forest or Submontane Forest is transitional biological belt between highlands and lowlands of Knuckles Mountain Range and confined to middle elevations (1000-1500 m) in the wet zone.

Their forest canopies are about 20-25 m high and they dominated by the flora families of Diptreocarpaceae, Clusiaceae and Mytaceae following soft and medium hardwood species of trees like Shorea Gardneri, Calophyllum spp, Cryptocarya wightiana, Myristica dactyloides and Syzygium sppstunted trees are a common sight in these forests together with many varieties of  orchids mosses and  ferns

The proporation of the Sri Lankan endemic tree species are here is about 50%. Most species of endemic genus are Stemonoporus show a localized distribution in this forest system. 

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