Do's and Don'ts of Trekking In Sri Lanka

Many people fond of traveling choose the best option to spend their quality time, mostly vacations with their family and friends. People chose places far from their homeland to get rid of their regular spinning dramatic problems. The people who found Sri Lanka an attractive place to explore on their vacations must know some advantages and disadvantages regarding their journey or trip. Every home has its norms and rules that a visitor must follow to make his trip memorable and calm. So a complete list of do's and don'ts in Sri Lanka during walking is essential to know before confirming your tickets.
Just sit calmly and make a list of such rules to avoid any problem in your journey ahead. Every visitor of Sri Lanka has a warm welcome in that country. But cultural landscape navigates the best of difference in avoiding potential pitfalls for the visitors and finding out which activity is a vast array of attractions for invitees. To be aware of such a dos and don'ts list, add microfiber towels to your luggage to avoid dust and moisture. These gadgets help you to enjoy your journey in the best possible way. Be ready to add ticks to your list and cross to the unnecessary points.

List of dos of trekking in Sri Lanka:

  1. Arrange your visa:

A new scheme launch in 2012 called ETA to enter Sri Lanka, known as an electronic travel authority. Almost every nationality has required to buying a 30-day double entry. So every visitor must have to arrange their visa according to their canon. Apply for your visa beforehand to avoid any beginning hurdle.

  1. Take the train from hills:

Typically, you can't find any train ride in Sri Lanka, but if you want any scenic splendor, Sri Lanka highlands will keep you gazing out of the window for hours. Such a unique and beautiful train journey is mind-blowing. The journey ahead from the highest mountain to descend cloud forest, where you see the tea plantation all over the land, is the worth watched scene of all. Such a greenly and calm place is always on your do list as a visitor. Bandarawela is mostly an untouched village by many visitors, but its quiet and peaceful train journey will give you the best memory of your trip.

  1. Checkout for your outfits:

Sri Lankans are hospitalities and welcoming their visitors warmly in their country. But they are also so conservative people, so wearing openly such awkward dresses will put you in regret. It recommends that women set the headscarf on their shoulders, especially visiting their tempers and walking publicly. Men will recommend wearing t-shirts in a public area. At some places, you need to remove your shoes too to obey their norms and culture too.

  1. Different tastes of tea:

For visitors, we always recommend you to try different tastes of their specialty in beverage-tea. Their flavor and color are unique worldwide.

List of don'ts of trekking in Sri Lanka:

  1. Don't ride on an elephant:

Any never approves domestication of the wildlife of the person within the city or county. For this, in 2014, Sri Lanka removed elephant rides for any of the tourists. Culturally you may see elephants working aside with humans as in many other Asian countries. So Sri Lankans highly encouraged their travelers not to support their local business exploiting elephant welfare.

  1. Taking pictures without their consent:

It isn't a good idea to take pictures of the people of Sri Lanka without their permission. It's not their culture, and they get offended when different nationalities don't obey this canon. But in some cases, the scenario was different where you politely ask them to take a picture. They will be more than happy. It is also a nice moment if you show your photo model too.

  1. Drink the tap water:

Wreak havoc because tap water is casual in this country. It may be suitable for the locals, but the visitors face such chaos after drinking it. Also, be careful of adding ice to your drink if you drink outside at the resort. Such carelessness will lead to serious health issues, and it may spoil your trip.

  1. To wrap it up!

To travel around the world, the visitors must know some dos and don'ts list related to that country, so they don't repeat the same mistake as the previous invitees. For your safe and sound journey, you must know to do list of Sri Lanka.

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