Denston or South Eastern Part of Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range or Dumbara Range UNESCO world heritage site could be divided to Riveston (Northern Part of Knuckles Range) belong to Matale District and Deenston (South Eastern part of Knuckles Range) of the Kandy District. Both the sections has separate forest department offices which issue tickts to visiters.

Denston Knuckles Mountain Range forest Conservation Cener and its nature and culture musium of Dumbara, ajoining trail goes to one of the panoramic viewpint from Knuckles Mountain Range named as Mini World's End with the views of villages situated in the foot hills below and far view of the huge lakes and Mahawali Reservoirs in Eastern Part of Sri Lanka.

End of Mini World's End trail could be proceed to the Dotulugala Man and Biospire Reserve of UNESCO itself. Dotulugala Man and Biosphere (MAB) Reserve is also within the Knuckles mountain range in Central Sri Lanka. The 1, 600 ha reserve is located at an elevation of 1,548m with Montane forests and Sub montane Forests form the major vegetation types of the Reserve very rich with endemic fauna and flora of Sri Lanka.

Meemure is a very remote village situated passing the denstone area in knuckles mountain range. It is one of the most remote villages with rich of Sri lankan natural beauty as well as Traditional Sri Lankan styles. On the way to Meemure remote village Corbets Gap viewpoint is a very famous place in Knuckles Mountain range. This is a rain shadow area which mixture of vegetation types such as wet, dry and montane type.

At Corbet's Gap, there is a high wind blow during some months of the year. The forest trees grown in that area has a special features and looking towards the view of Corbet's gap from Deanston Mini World's end where you already passed will give you the panoramic view of Aliyawatunagala Mountain and Kinihirigala Mountains to the left and the Dumbanagala Mountain to the right and far the Lakegala Mountain and Meemure Remote village.

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