Cloud Forest in Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range has types of forest systems recognizable as Lowland Dry Semi Evergreen Forests, Mid Elevational Dry Evergreen forest, Mid Elevational Wet Evergreen Forests or Pygmy Forests, Upper Montane Wet Evergreen Forests or Cloud forsts. This all types of forest systems bearing very valuble flora of Knuckles Mountain and founa of Knuckles Mountain Range.

On your trek in the Knuckles Mountain Range cloud forest is a very unique eco-region and a hot spot for endemic flora and fauna. Because of the high humidity here, Knuckles Range cloud forest is evergreen and the only home in the world to more than 20 endangered species. 

The cloud forest of the Knuckles Range with the trees are gnarled and covered with lichens, mosses and epiphytic ferns. These plants represent the life forms of diffrent types of trees, shrubs, herbs, creepes and lianas. The dominant families of tree types are Myrtaccac (Syzygium sp.), Rutaceac (Toddalia sp.), Clusiaccae (Calophyllum sp.), Orchidaceae (Eria bieolour) and Liliaccac (Asparagus sp.).

The animal life is highly divercse too. For example around 124 known animals with 67 species of birds in cloud forest of Knuckles Forest Reserve in Denston part with 9 endemic birds to Sri Lanka, 2 fresh water fishes with 1 endemic fresh water fish to Sri Lanka, 20 types of butterflies with 2 endemic butterfly species to Sri Lanka and 16 type of mammals with the Sri Lankan leopard (Panthera pardus Kotiya ) with 4 endemic mamals to Sri Lanka, amphibians species with 6 endemic amphibians to Sri Lanka and 19 reptile species has been found by reserchers.

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