Wilderness Camping in Sri Lanka

Wilderness camping in Sri Lanka is the most exciting way to stay overnight in nature. It is a memorable experience in the lush green environment with a tropical climate. When we are trekking in the Knuckles Mountain Range or any other natural attraction we can found many suitable campsites.

Wilderness camping sites may include pitching tent in a cave or under a rock face, by the lakeside or high on the plateau. We can also provide canoe camping in lakes such as Sorabora in the east. Two canoes are doubled up and a platform placed on top, the tent is then pitched on the platform to provide your floating accommodation! Perfect for early morning bird watching and fish viewing. Also enjoy the campsite bonfire and barbeque followed by a night jungle walk if requested. Early morning sunrise bird watching is also possible.

Further to the east in the Mahiyangana region the indigenous Vadda people are always helpful to campers with the Vadda village being an interesting area to camp. We introduce you to their culture and lifestyle. Wahawa hot spring village is also situated close to Vadda village providing natural hot water for our camping.
When traveling from Ella, Buduruwagla in the south is a popular jungle campsite with its ancient rock carvings and bird watching possibilities.

Tree top huts have been built by farmers in the dry zone and also in the Lamasriyagama Royal Rice Fields. (near Kandy) These are used by the farmers to protect their crops from wild elephants and other animals. However they provide us with a unique sleeping and viewing platform from which to observe and experience the wildlife. While you are camping night safari night jungle walks could be done.
Sri Lanka Trekking can provide traditional Sri Lankan food and drink or any customer requests.

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