Butterflies in Sri Lanka

There are about two hundreds and forty four species of Butterflies have been recorded in Sri Lanka. Of these 41 species are recognized as endemic to Sri Lanka. Many of the endemic butterflies of Sri Lanka are found in the central hills and the southern slopes of the wet zone while two occur in the drier northern half of the island.
Sri Lankan butterflies are categories as nine families.

1 Satyridae - 16 species - Small to large size -
2 Danaidae - 12 species - Some are poisonous - migrants - All the sizes
3 Nymphalidae - 37 species - Sailing flight - Small to medium size
4 Lycaenidae - 85 species - very small to medium size
5 Amathusiidae - only one spice - the southern Duffer
6 Pieridae - 27 species - no tails - different according to climate zones - small to medium size
7 Papilionidae - 15 species - Bird Wings and Sword Tails - Large and medium size
8 Hesperiidae - 52 species - small to medium size
9 Erycinidae

The butterflies are depend on specific floras. So it is easy to watch if we know correctly where is that. The floral distribution categories according to climate zones, dry zone, wet zone and arid zone. Some species are migrated in each zone as well.

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