3 days Kayaking bigginers training program at Kitulgala

Our Goal - Provide a solid foundation to basic kayaking skills in Class I to Class IV Rapids

What you need -
Good health, positive attitude, being a confident swimmer. 

To whom - Beginning paddlers of the whitewater kayaking from world over

Overnight - Spend in an adventure camp by the Keleni riverside at Kitulgala.

Day 01
Introduction of gears necessary for Kayaking and assis with equipment selection, boat fitting. Start spedn time in natural white water pool learning safe boat exit. Practice foundamentals for the Eskimo Roll Progresson, begin exploring edge control and balance thorugh exercises drills, river run on class 1 of the river.

Day 02
Start spending time around a surfing wave and a rapid with well-defined features working on fundamental paddling skills. Proceed from slow moving water to class III practicing basic boat handling, eddy turns, peel outs, ferrying, water reading, self-rescue techniques, scouting, safe paddling techniques.

Day 03
Spend morning time in the same stretch of river in class III and new place on request an another river with level IV. Practice techniques begin to flow naturally and more detailed suggestions and exercises for level IV plus.

The lessons includes,

* Outfitting a kayak swimming and self-rescue * peel-outs and ferrying across the current * Body positioning * Strokes, edging and bracing techniques * Reading rivers and hydrology * Basic safety precautions * Eddy turns, T-rescues * Scouting rapids * Paddling through class I-IV white water

(Your transport could be arrange from Colombo Airport or from Kandy)

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