Sadun Ella Waterfall Abseiling in Kitulagala

Wild waterfalls of Kithulgala call Sadun Ella is the place for the activitiy taken place. Experience the thrill of scaling a 105 meter high waterfall and down the rock slope. The road to Sandun Ella aslo lays in Belilena road where the well known pre historical site which holds the evidence of a lost generation of Sri Lanka approximately around 12,000 years old.

Climb up a tall slippery waterfall with just the rope between you and a fall into the abyss.
Feel the thrill of riding that knife sharp edge of danger. Get that feeling of deep satisfaction and triumph as you reach the bottom successfully. This is that ultimate adventure that makes you feel alive for lifetime.

(Above tours starting from Kandy or airport also add to round tours, please contact)

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