Inland Water Sports in Sri Lanka

Kitulgala is located on the A 7 main road that runs to Nuwara Eliya via Avissawella to Colombo. Kitulgala is well known pleasant town set amidst green hills thick with tropical vegetation and tea plantation. The name of the village of Kitulgala itself is derived from the Kitul the toddy palm tree, groves of which are abound in the expanses.

The Kalani River at Kitulgala gradually rolls over rock boulders making grade 1 to 4 rapids. The river is flowing through picturesque hilly region where David Lean's seven Academy Award winning film, 'Bridge on the River Kwai' film location. The 1956-1957 film is mainly shot in Kitulgala where a wooden bridge was built as a set over the river.

White Water Rafting in the river Keleni at Kitulgala takes about a 90 minute run each for 6.5 km with five rapids graded from Level 2 and Level 3. The Rapids with their own distinctive characters are aptly named as: Head Chopper, Virgin’s Breast, Butter Crunch, Killer Fall and the Rib Cage.

Wild waterfalls of Kithulgala call Sadun Ella is the place for the activitiy taken place. Experience the thrill of scaling a 105 meter high waterfall and down the rock slope.
The road to Sandun Ella aslo lays in Belilena road where the well known pre historical site which holds the evidence of a lost generation of Sri Lanka approximately around 12,000 years old.

Around 15 minute of 1.5 KM trekking through the rainforest path which leads to the clearing on top of a rock to natural rock pools and waterfalls of "Kataran Oya" the sub river of the main Kalani River. There are 7 natural pools which are extremely beautiful and exciting envirnment where you will be able to experience sliding down an inclined 05 meter water fall with safety gear  in to the rock pool.

A confidence jump with safety instructions to beautiful natural rock pool. Swimming in the cool and clean water coming down from the Kitulgala rain forest is a larger personal challenge for a nice memory for rest of your lifetime. You also could request for advance canyoning on request at the "Mannakethi Ella" in Kitulgala

Climb up a tall slippery waterfall with just the rope between you and a fall into the abyss.
Feel the thrill of riding that knife sharp edge of danger.Get that feeling of deep satisfaction and triumph as you reach the bottom successfully. This is that ultimate adventure that makes you feel alive for lifetime.

The longest Mahawali River near Kandy makes another fantastic river rafting experience from by the Peradeniya University to Gatambe new bridge. But there is less of rapids and excitements but this rafting pass panoramic views of mountains, around the large Peradeniya botanic garden, historical Gatambe Buddhist Temple, Colonial English Governors Plantation, suspension bride. Rafting from Hotel Citadel to Mahawali Reach is also interesting with panoramic views, fauna and the flora.

Canoeing in the largest Victoria is another interesting and relaxing activity. The canoes are made out from woods or fiberglass. Canoeing allows you to enjoy the scenery of banks of the lake with a large number of fauna and the flora, picturesque sunrise and sunset. Not only canoeing, canoe camping is also possible. The canoe camping is mounting tents on a boats platform and spend overnight stay in, a good experience in this lake with fishing.

An exciting boat safari organized by wildlife department in Galoya National Park for elephant, crocodile watching. Ulhitiya reservoir is a also a nice place for canoe in a fishing boat to see elephants

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