Western Shrines of Kandy, Gadaladeniya, Lankathilake, Embakke Buddhist temples

The famous Western Shrines of Kandy Gadaladeniya, Lankathilake Buddhist temples and Embakke Hindu-Buddhist shrine are connected by a very scenic footpath. Gadaladeniya in north close to Colombo - Kandy highway, Embakke is in the south and Lankathilake in the center of the trek.

All the three temples were constructed by the kings during the period of pre Kandyan kingdom of Gampola in 13 century A.D.

Famous for its beautiful stone carvings, Gadaladeniya Rock Temple was built on a flat rock mean Diggala. The design is the temple influenced South Indian origin of architecture of Wijaya Nagara empire with a Devale (Hindu shrine) attached to it, similar in character to the Natha Devale and Gedige of Adahana Maluwa in Kandy.

The majestic Lankathilake Vihare Temple is considered to be one of the best preserved magnificent architectural edifices in the Gampola kingdom. Built on a rock with a footpath reached from rice field side by a long series of rock cut steps. The main shrine room has a seated Buddha statue and the remains of some paintings of the Gampola period.

Embakke Wooden Temple is a Hindu Buddhist shrine dedicated to god Skanda or Kathragama built in the 14th century by King Wickremabahu III. The temple pavilion has masterpiece of wood carving available in Sri Lanka. The roof of the hall is special because of the rare architectural techniques, shape like a talipot leaf. The walking can be started from Gadaladeniya temple or Embakke both sides.

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