Forest fires in Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range is a very special valuble place. Forest systemos of the Knuckles Range is home to many types of creatures that can be found nowhere else in the world, still there hasn’t been proper research into it.

Some parts of the Riverston and Deenston parts of Knuckles Range nature trails are unique areas of island's bio diversity heritage to visit. There are more plant and animal species, especially amphibians yet to be identified are there.

With the initiation of new reforestation policies after British era of tea, coffie plantation period, in the 1960s, several Pinus and Eucaliptus plantations were established around the range. In these human land usesd and disturbed forest areas are usually faces the threat of periodic fires triggered by people.

Moreover, the Deenston nature trail experiences the problem of forest fire and even garbage. Therefore, the bio diversity of this unique area has to be conserved for future generations. As a critical eco system here with great ecological importance, the conservation of the Knuckles Mountain Range need a active participation of community groups and individuals.

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