Digawapi Ancient Buddhist Temple

Digawapi ancient Buddhist site at Akkaraipattu Divisional Secretariat Division of the Ampara Distric is one of the 16 places which has been blessed by the Buddha's presence. Lord Buddha was invited to Kelaniya by Mani Akkika the king of Naga tribe on Buddha's second visit to Nagadeepa. On the 8th year of attaining nirvana Buddha decided to visit Sri Lanka for the third time specially to Kelaniya. During this visit he came to Deegavapi with 500 arhaths and spend time meditating.

The remaining of the ancient stupa is believed to be the first ever Stupa built in Sri Lanka in Buddha's lifetime available at the site however the 'Parivaara Chaiththya' or the supplementary stupa bit away from the main stupa. According to historical evidences the present temple complex was constructed by King Saddhatissa 137 BC - 119 BC.

The huge dagoba exists on a raised square area and the remains of an ancient structure are found on its eastern side. There are evidences of some association to an ancient hospital complex and small Archeological Museum at the site. Apart from the main Stupa new and more modern shrines for venaration and the Vihara or residence of monks here. There are monastic quarters around the Vihara

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