Canyoning in Kitulagala

Around 15 minute of 1.5 KM trekking through the rainforest path which leads to the clearing on top of a rock to natural rock pools and waterfalls of "Kataran Oya" the sub river of the main Kalani River. There are 7 natural pools which are extremely beautiful and exciting envirnment where you will be able to experience sliding down an inclined 05 meter water fall with safety gear  in to the rock pool.

A confidence jump with safety instructions to beautiful natural rock pool. Swimming in the cool and clean water coming down from the Kitulgala rain forest is a larger personal challenge for a nice memory for rest of your lifetime. You also could request for advance canyoning on request at the "Mannakethi Ella" in Kitulgala

(Above tours starting from Kandy or airport also add to round tours, please contact)

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