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22 September 2009
To Ravi and Sumone,
Having been a couple of pictures of you on your www. before I arrived I thought you make a little taller. That wide what can I say ??? You have made this trip truly memorable for me. Though the vast amount of knowledge you have of your home country. Your enthusiasm for your job, sharing with me, your laughs (truly one that will be hard to forget!) your feet (lack of shoes should I say!) finally that phone!!!
I am really glad we got to speak time, chatting about life outside your job, family, friends, computers, "fluffy buttocks" and your lesson to me about snakes - you will have to show me next time!
This truly has been a trip of a lifetime for me, so many 'what's' at the beginning of my holiday that both you "boss" have fulfilled! I am truly grateful,
Adam Long- UK - Hiker, Mountain Biker, Camper, Rafter.

27 August 2009
We do not know what to expect when we booked the 9 day trekking and camping trip.
From day one. My son and I had a trill of our life - camping near a gorgeous lake, elephant safari, trekking in forests and run away from hornet's nest !
Mr. Sumone and Ravi are real professional of their trade. We have found them to be trustworthy and always ensure we are safe during the nine day trip. We highly recommend their service and if required, can provide our reference. Thank you very much to a professional job. Cheers !!!
H. K Chong and Harry Chong - Singapore

15 August 2009
Starts from Kandy and drive to Ohiya. Breakfast at Ohiya and drive up to Udavaria tea Plantation. Start walking up to Bambarakanda waterfall. Back to Ohiya by walking.
Mr. Mahesh Senevirathana of Commercial Bank , Mr. Beligammana and group of walkers.

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