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11 August 2009
To Ravi - No Shoes,
Thank you for a fantastic trip. We have been to some beautiful placess and seen some amazing wildlife in Knuckles Mountain Range and Mahiyangana. I have never seen anyone so small eat so much ! Nice voice too. We have learnt some lessons too - Vaughan will look for a temple to live in when we get home.
Catrin Davies - UK
Cheers Ravi, really enjoyed the trekking and the waterfall. Some really beautiful spots and well off the beaten tracks in Sri Lanka. Thanks for the songs beneath the stars and I dont think I have ever seen anyone eat so much.
Vaughan Perkins - UK

5 Aughst 2009
One night camping in Sorabora Lake and two days trekking tour. Started from Palm Garden Guest House in Kandy. Trekking started from Tangappuwa village. Climbed up mountain passing tea plantation, reforests, natural forests, pigmy forest up to the Knuckles Mountain summit. Drive up to Mahiyangana and stay in Sorabora Lake Camp Site. Following day canoeing in the morning for bird watching and evening walk to Rathna Ella Waterfall and came back to Kandy passing Victoria, Randenigala, Rantambe sanctury.
Philippe and Chris - France

04 July 2009
Starts from Nigambo and drive to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Stay at the Habarana Lodge and visited Polonnaruwa anciant city and Minnariya National Park. One dtay at Giritale Hotel and drive up to Kandy visiting Dambulla cave temple.
Joel Phillips
Thrisha Phillips

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